Making the Ordinary Extraordinary – Feb. 25, 2018

Melissa Florer-Bixler preaching Feb. 5, 2018John 13:1-17Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet

The rituals of the Christian life are ordinary things made extraordinary for a moment. Jesus has a knack for this, taking what is ordinary and turning it back for us to look at it again: song, bread, water, wine.

As we anticipate the coming of Holy Week in a few weeks, Melissa invites us into a patient act of love. Consider making space in your life to get into the story that unfolds, to trace it through the week in the people you see around you, to take time off to live it out.


Radical Communion – Jan. 21, 2018

Melissa preaching on Oct. 29, 2017Melissa brought the sermon today, based on John 2:13-25. Jesus coming onto the scene means a radical departure from every common expectation about worship and economics and the places where they meet.  We’re reminded by this passage in John, as well as by many of the old testament prophets like Zechariah and Nehemiah, that we have a long history of getting comfortable with bad practices as worshipers of God.

This Sunday was Worldwide Communion Sunday. Our Anabaptist sister churches worldwide have offered us astounding examples of radical welcome that shake us outside the boundaries of respectability and law abiding. They remind us of a stark alternative to the rampant nationalist and xenophobic ideologies that have gripped so many here in the U.S.  These churches have shown us what it means to follow after the one who flips over tables. They show us that following Jesus will not allow us to fly under the radar, to stay respectable, to play along by the rules any more.


Being Mennonite: #holylentils – Feb. 5, 2017

Joy preaches at RMC on February 5, 2017Joy continued the series on Mennonite identity, this week focusing on communion. Breaking bread together is fundamental to being in community. Acts 2:43-47 and Matthew 25:31-46 formed the basis for her message. Communion happens whenever we eat together.

Before the message, Helen read a wonderful poem, “Prayer,” by George Ella Lyon


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Here at the Cross – Nov. 20, 2016

Mellissa speaking at RMC Nov. 20, 2016On this Christ the King Sunday Melissa spoke of Jesus’ crucifixion, the very first Christian community and the radical example of our Anabaptist forebears. The scripture texts were from Jeremiah 23:1-6 and Luke 23:33-43.

Many church leaders have said, in response to the recent political machinations, “God is in control.” However, that does not mean that everything will be all right. We are called into a Christian community into which not everything is all right. We are called to transform ourselves into a community of people so dangerous that we can not be allowed to exist.

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Increase our faith – Oct. 2, 2016

Melissa Florer-Bixler speaking on Sept. 18, 2016Melissa spoke from Luke 17:5-10 and Psalm 37:1-9. She envisioned Jesus telling the disciples, “Faith isn’t something you get; it isn’t a form of currency to be increased. Faith is a particular disposition in the world.”  A disposition of faith means putting our bodies next to the bodies of others, particularly the bodies of those who are most vulnerable. How do we make space for anger–such as the anger of those who continue to face oppression–without hatred?

Today was also World Communion Sunday. A time to break bread together, but also a time to remember the oppression faced by so many of our sisters and brothers throughout the world.


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