Community Ministries

No matter where you're from, we're glad you're our neighbor.Raleigh Mennonite is actively engaged in our community through a number of ministries. If you would like to learn more or be a part of any of these, reach out to one of the contact people listed. RMCers also volunteer in a host of other organizations, some of which receive support through our congregation.

Growing Together Preschool

RMC supports Growing Together, a free preschool for children who would not otherwise have access to early childhood education. Read, sing, or play for a while at the church. Requires attending Safe Church training and a background check. Contact Kathy Boos.

ONE Wake/Industrial Areas Foundation

RMC is part of ONE Wake, a broad-based community organizing collective being launched to work towards a more just Wake County. Contact Debbie Bledsoe or Stan North Martin.

Oak City Outreach Center

Join Sue and Marc the second Sunday of the month before church to serve a meal to our housing and food insecure neighbors.

Community House

The RMC-run Community House offers affordable housing to those in transition, in collaboration with Lutheran Services Carolinas and the Raleigh Rescue Mission. We build community with refugees by helping with homework, arranging transportation, and assisting our new neighbors adjust to life in the U.S. Contact Anne Cooper.

Detention Center Letter Writing

We partner with Mariposa Visitation at Eloy detention center in Tucson, AZ to write letters to asylum-seekers. Letters can be written in Spanish or translated by one of our ministry members. Contact Jackie Parker or Debbie Bledsoe.

Women’s Prison Birthdays and Worship

Volunteer to lead quarterly worship and assist with birthday parties and special events at the NC Correctional Institution for Women. Requires a background check and training in the prison. Contact Craig Herb.

Urban Ministries of Wake County

Urban Ministries of Wake County is a non-profit organization that provides essential basic services to families and individuals in Wake County. Talk with Lois Beck if you would like more information about how to get involved.

Peace Booth

For over fifty years, the Peace Booth at the North Carolina State Fair has let fairgoers know that there are viable alternatives to the militarism and violence that are so pervasive in the world. Talk with Dennis Boos for information or to volunteer to help staff the Peace Booth during the annual State Fair.

Congregations for Social Justice

Congregations for Social Justice (CSJ) is a coalition of Raleigh faith communities, and like-minded non-profits, committed to advocating for public policies that create a better Raleigh for all people. CSJ actively advocates on issues of affordable housing, post-incarceration and prisoner re-entry, and immigration. Talk with Al Reberg for information.

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You can contact any ministry through our Contact Us page or at info(at)raleighmennonite(dot)org.