Community Ministries

Growing Together Preschool

Growing Together Preschool is an early childhood education program for children living in low-income housing in downtown Raleigh. The goal of this program is to prepare at-risk preschoolers for success in kindergarten.  The preschool also offers support and educational resources for preschool families in order to assist them in raising healthy, happy, and well-prepared children.  The children are introduced to literature, math and science concepts, music, and art, and are fed a nutritionally balanced meal each day.

Growing Together Preschool is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit with funding provided by local churches, foundations, corporations, civic groups, and individuals. Scholarships are needed each year for our preschoolers. Please contact Kathy Boos, Director/Teacher of Growing Together Preschool, for more information on how you can help support the educational success and future of a child in our Raleigh community.

Raleigh Mennonite Church Economic Community Development Ministry

“If you are coming to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up in mine, then let us work together.” -an Australian Aboriginal woman quoted by Jim Wallis in The Soul of Politics

Our Economic Community Development Ministry is a small, low-overhead effort that focuses on teaching low-wealth households how to manage their money and become successful homeowners.

We offer long-term Home Buyer Classes to educate and encourage first-time homebuyers and promote successful, long-term homeownership. The groups provide more than education; because major steps like homeownership are nearly impossible in social isolation, mutual support is a parallel component of the classes. We also offer Home Buyer Education via other organizations. For example, we currently provide the Home Buyer Education component for StepUp Ministries.

Through advocacy partnerships with organizations such as Self-Help Credit Union and Congregations for Social Justice, we also try to influence the dominant culture (the society around us) to be more just and less oppressive for the poor. Thus we apply our knowledge, experience, and voices on behalf of many whose lives have been compromised and whose voices have been muted.

For more information contact Community Development Minister Al Reberg.

Congregations for Social Justice

Congregations for Social Justice (CSJ) is a coalition of Raleigh faith communities, and like-minded non-profits, committed to advocating for public policies that create a better Raleigh for all people; working for social justice in solidarity with our most vulnerable neighbors; and building a sustainable, diverse network of relationships across our faith communities and with other partners.

CSJ actively advocates on these issues:

  • Affordable Housing.
  • Post incarceration and prisoner re-entry.
  • Immigration.

For more information, see the CSJ Facebook page or email CSJ.Raleigh at Gmail.Com

Love Wins

Love Wins Community Engagement Center began as a ministry of presence and pastoral care for the homeless and at-risk population of Raleigh, NC. At its core, homelessness is a relationship issue. People who have deep, intimate relationships and a broad spectrum of social contacts don’t end up chronically homeless. The opposite of homelessness isn’t being housed, it is community.

Love Wins focuses on relationships, not outcomes and seeks to provide help for those who want it, while honoring and still loving those who seek no change

Urban Ministries of Wake County

Urban Ministries of Wake County is a non-profit organization that provides essential basic services to 20,000 families and individuals in Wake County every year. These services include emergency and transitional housing, medical care, prescription medications, financial assistance, food assistance, and other support services to promote self-sufficiency and a stable home environment for those in need.

Urban Ministries strives to:

  • Provide basic necessities to those in need.
  • Build awareness of the issues surrounding poverty within the larger community.
  • Remain aware of and leverage area resources to maximize our impact within the community.
  • Provide a challenging, rewarding, and supportive environment for staff and volunteers.

Peace Booth

For over fifty years, the Peace Booth at the North Carolina State Fair has been a consistent voice of Peace, speaking to thousands of fairgoers every fall. The mission of the Peace Booth is to let fairgoers know that there are viable alternatives to the militarism and violence that are so pervasive in the world.

Supporting RMCers’ Community Work – 7% Giving Plan

RMC also engages with those ministries that attendees are engaged with by contributing 7% of our church budget to help support the good work being done.