Documents that Shape Who We Want to Be

Mission Statement

Raleigh Mennonite Church is a community growing as disciples of Jesus, the Christ. We nurture growth of the inner spiritual life, seeking transformation through God’s grace as followers of Jesus.

We are active in reconciliation and service, making Christ known through sharing the story of God’s love and forgiveness with our children, our neighbors and our world. In our lives together we seek justice, healing, hope and peace for all people.

We warmly and actively welcome you to join us on this journey.


Raleigh Mennonite Church is a community of believers committed to following Jesus and working for the corporate renewal of the church so that as the Christian community we keep God’s life powerfully present among us and in the world. The foundation of our fellowship is Jesus Christ and His gospel of grace and peace.

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Core Values

Thirteen Values Topics the church has expressed as important to our congregational life and our purpose for being.

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