How Do I Get There?

Raleigh Mennonite shares a building withStreet sign - Corner of N. Blount & Poplar
the former Hope Charter Elementary School
at 1116 N. Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27604,
at the corner of N. Blount and Poplar Streets.

In addition to the map and written directions below, maps that can provide customized directions are available from GoogleYahoo and Mapquest. Please be aware that Blount Street is one-way southbound, south of Delway St.
Bus directions are also available.

Written Directions:

From Capital Boulevard and Peace Street:

    • Go East on Peace to Halifax Street: turn left onto Halifax (north).
    • Go to the end of Halifax Street and turn right on Cedar Street.
    • Go to the end of Cedar Street and turn left on Blount Street.
    • Go past the Pilot Baptist Church to Hope Charter Elementary at 1116 N. Blount, at the corner of Poplar on the right.

From I-40 on the south side, take exit 299, Person Street.

    • Follow Person Street North.
    • When you see the Krispy Kreme on the left, get into the left lane.
    • Follow the left lane as it continues straight, while the other lanes bear right.
    • Turn left at the stop sign. (Delway St.)
    • Get in the right lane and go straight one block to stop sign. (Blount St.)
    • Turn right, Hope Charter Elementary is two blocks north on right at 1116.

From Atlantic Avenue on the North side of Raleigh:

    • Follow Atlantic Avenue South.
    • Atlantic Avenue becomes Wake Forest Road after it crosses Capital Blvd.
    • After you pass Gables Lodge, turn right at Poplar.
    • Continue until the road ends at Blount.
    • Turn left at Blount.
    • Hope Charter Elementary is on the corner on your left.
    • There is a parking lot just past the building; turn left.