Radical Hospitality

The El Salvador delegation with hosts from the El Rodeo community.
Some of our hosts at El Rodeo

by Belissa Acosta

My main takeaway from going to El Salvador is the radical hospitality that the members of the base communities showed us. The way they opened up their homes to us and shared what they had made me realize a few things about my own goals in life. For the past couple months, I’ve been dealing with a bit of an existential crisis. Figuring out where I want to go from here and what would make me truly happy has been a subject of contention for me, in terms of my career. Meeting my siblings in El Salvador helped me realize that my one true goal is having a home with doors I can open to anyone who might need a place to rest and a warm meal. I might have realized that without them, but it would have taken me a heck of a lot longer!

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