The Word Became Flesh – Dec. 24, 2017

At this Christmas Eve service Will read from John 1:1-18 before Issac Villegas read Melissa’s sermon since Melissa had lost her voice.

God invites us to hear the cry of an infant. We are welcomed, never forced to see the whole of God’s love hangs on the cry of a baby born into poverty. A love that reaches for every nameless child kidnapped by the Bocha Haran, every Muslim killed at prayer by a bomb, every kid in this country whose parents have been deported. In the crackling heat of creation, when the forces of God’s creative wind and energy and power are pressed down into the life of a child, we are invited to see the world and to love it.


The Adhan – July 31, 2016

Isaac Villegas speaking at RMC on July 31, 2016Isaac Villegas, pastor of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship, spoke to us this Sunday out of his recent experience in Bethlehem. Each morning he would wake to the call to prayer, or the Adhan, coming from the minarets throughout the area.

Just as Jesus queried Peter repeatedly in John 21:15-19, “Peter, do you love me?” the call of Jesus today continues, “Do you love me?” This is the song that awakens the dawn!