What Can I Expect?

You will worship with an ordinary group of people who puts God’s mission of loving others before external appearances.

We choose to rent our worship space so that more of our time, energy and money can go into caring for the city and the world . In essence we want more bang for our buck. We think this is what following Jesus might mean…people banding together, caring for one another, embracing God’s love for ourselves and others, and investing our ordinary lives in something bigger than ourselves.

As a Christian community, called to peacemaking and reconciliation, we affirm that people of any race, ethnic identity, gender, who are gay or straight, of any ability, age, or economic status, are welcome to full participation in our congregation.

We join with people around the world who believe that God’s work is bigger than national boundaries, more powerful than armies, and more life-giving than CPR. If you would like to put your energies into making a difference in the city and world check us out.


The worship team leading singing July 3, 2016


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