What’s Important to RMC?

Core Values

13 Values Topics the church has expressed as important to our congregational life and our purpose for being. These were developed as part of our Congregational Cultural Analysis. Some of these values are about who we are as believers and as a congregation, while some of them describe what we do. What we do grows out of who we are.
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Raleigh Mennonite Church is a community of believers committed to following Jesus and working for the corporate renewal of the church so that as the Christian community we keep God’s life powerfully present among us and in the world. The foundation of our fellowship is Jesus Christ and His gospel of grace and peace.
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Our church ministries grow out of an individual’s call from God that has been affirmed by others in the church. As a base for ministry, our church is always paying attention to the gifts and calling of people in our midst, and then releasing them for ministry. We are not afraid to try new things (and fail) or to stop those ministries that have served for a valuable season of our congregational life but whose priorities or goals have now changed. We value ministries that grow out of our congregational life, reflect our values, and serve the people around us.  Many in our congregation are committed to ministries within the broader community and passionately serve in those roles.
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