Our Worship

In worship we put God back into the center of our lives, give thanks to our Creator, admit our need for a greater love and power, and reorient our lives with God’s passion and purpose for our world. Worship prepares us to engage with our world, both locally and globally.

Our worship is both reflective and expressive; it is personal rather than formal.

Bread and cup– People of different ages are involved in leading worship.

– We enjoy variety in our singing: Contemporary and international music with a beat gets energy flowing; music that is serene serves to center our being; and hymn music of the ages pulls us into the long stream of faithful people.

– Once a month we share in communion, practice prayers for healing, and receive an offering.

Worship values community. Worshiping together allows the strength of others to hold my weakness, their faith to balance my doubt, their love to heal my brokenness, their courage to energize my commitment, and their openness to free me to trust.

We would love to have you worship with us—centering and aligning our lives with God.