Fellowship Groups

Small groups at Raleigh Mennonite allow us to connect beyond just Sunday morning.  Fellowship is a key part of being community. It provides a space to understand each other, challenge each other, encourage each other to live out Jesus’ teachings. How else are we to really be in relationship, to be able to understand each others’ joys and pains, to walk alongside each other, to be able to ask tough questions in a safe space?

RMCers are part of a wide variety of groups that meet together, some more formally, others pretty informal. Some meet weekly, others less frequently.  Here’s a listing that shows some of that breadth.

Area Dinner Groups

RMC central Wake supper club on Jan. 5, 2019Meeting Day/Time: Varies from group to group
Frequency: Generally monthly
Focus/Purpose/Format: All RMC regulars are split into three regional dinner groups: south, central and north Wake County. Each group meets in members’ homes (or occasionally at a local park) to share a potluck meal together. Some groups have a question or topic of the month, set by that month’s host. Some groups also organize other activities,  such as an outdoor movie night at the NC Museum of Art. The point is to provide an informal environment to fellowship and deepen relationships with each other.
Open to New Members: Yes!
Contacts: Northern group–Rosene; Central group–Sue S; Southern group–Chrys


IDR group farewell lunch at Neomonde for Ryan, Lauren and Richelle.Meeting Day/Time and Frequency: Irregular – every other month or so
Location: Changes every time! Different peoples’ houses or out in the community
Focus/Purpose/Format: IDR is a group of young adults at RMC who do something fun every few months to simply enjoy each other’s company. We usually have a Christmas party, a New Year’s Eve party, a Super Bowl watching party, and a retreat at a lake house in the summer – with other events coming up as people take initiative to organize them. Couples, families with kids, and single people are all welcome!
Open to New Members: Yes!
Contact Person: Kari

Lectio Ladies

Meeting Day/Time: Thursdays, 7 – 8:30 a.m.
Frequency: Weekly
Location: Karin’s house
Focus/Purpose/Format: lectio divina study of scripture = 10 minutes centering silence, reading scripture three times followed by reflection/journaling and discussion
Open to New Members: Yes, by invitation (see comments below)
Contact Person: Karin
Additional comments: We occasionally have a spot open for new members, but because of the personal nature of the conversations we prefer to manage membership by invitation.

The (relatively) Early Christians Bible Study

Meeting Day/Time: Wednesdays, September through May, 8 a.m.
Frequency: Weekly
Location: 501 N. Blount St, Raleigh 27604 (Han’s office)
Focus/Purpose/Format: Every Wednesday morning, a few “Early Christians” gather at 8 a.m. to break open the Bible and dig for gold together.  We have recently studied Hebrews (a challenging one!), Colossians, parts of Isaiah, and the life of David in I & II Kings along with some of his Psalms. As of this writing we’re studying the life and writings of the Apostle Peter.  We laugh a lot and pray for one another – sometimes simultaneously!  Behold how good it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together around the bread of life in oneness.
Open to New Members: Yes
Contact: Hans
Additional comments: We welcome anyone interested in early morning Bible study to join us.

Men’s Breakfast

Meeting Day/Time: Wednesdays, 6:00 – 7:30 a.m.
Frequency: Weekly
Location: 1405 Heathers Glen, Cary 27511
Focus/Purpose/Format: Every Wednesday morning, a small group of RMC guys (usually 5-8) gets together at 6:00 AM. We have coffee, tea and OJ and maybe a bagel, a waffle or something. (We take turns bringing something to eat for the group.) We start out reading some scripture. Then it is just free-for-all conversation. Sometimes we talk about RMC stuff, but not every week. Sometimes we get a bit personal, but not every time. Sometimes we problem solve and refer each other to important people like plumbers and auto mechanics. We seem to talk about technology and phone apps quite a bit and money comes up in various ways. We get up from the table promptly at 7:30. Some come a bit after 6:00 and some leave a bit before 7:30. But mostly it is about 6:00 to 7:30.
You get the idea. No agenda. No program. Just a time to enjoy each other’s company.
…and it reminds us that we are a part of a band of followers of Jesus Christ.
Open to New Members: Yes
Contact: Al

Movie Group

RMC Movie Group, February 2016Meeting Day/Time: Third Saturdays of the month, 6:00 p.m.
Frequency: Monthly – well almost every month
Location: Rotate members’ homes
Focus/Purpose/Format: Dinner and a movie. Host household plans the meal, and everyone brings something for it. Host household selects and gets the film, usually on DVD. We gather, chat, load up our dinner plates and start watching the film. After the film there’s dessert and discussion of the film and other stuff. Then we go home – happy to have been together.
Open to New Members: Have room for 2 more persons
Contact Person: Joanna

Tuesday Women’s Group

The RMC Tuesday Women's Group gathering.Meeting Day/Time: Most Tuesdays, September-May, 12:30 – 1:45 p.m.
Frequency: Weekly, with a few exceptions
Location: 1101 Mordecai Dr.
Focus/Purpose/Format: Typically, we read and discuss books with Christian themes. We have a sharing time. We spend time in prayer.
Open to New Members: Yes
Contact Person: Anne

Monday Women’s Lunch

Meeting Day/Time: Second Monday of the month, 1 p.m.
Frequency: Once a month
Location: TGIFriday’s, 4209 Wake Forest Rd,
Focus/Purpose/Format: Fellowship & support
Open to New Members: Yes
Contact Person: Mariechen