Building Community

Group having fun around a table at the 2019 intergenerational retreatWhat creates a place for all ages to belong? A people to belong to? Well, there has to be a place “where everybody knows your name.”1 And laughter. And tears. And shoulder-to-shoulder service. Real face time, as in face-to-face time to talk. And prayer. Encouragement. Reconciliation. Role models.

A community of faith is all that and probably more.

But in a nut shell, our community is made of people who walk together and support one another to respond and react like Jesus to people and situations. And when we screw that up, offer one another confession and mercy and encouragement to go on. Oh, and a very important ingredient: gratitude. A ‘thank you’ with a smile and hug is the glue that holds people together.

Relaxing in the rocking chairs at the 2014 Intergenerational RetreatBut frankly, in a busy urban environment it takes creativity and commitment to make community happen. We try to make it a priority.

Opportunities to build the community of faith happen throughout the week. Over coffee, lunch, and dinner together. In mission and service. Fellowship groups. Movies and concerts. Community potlucks. Intergenerational retreats.

RMCers at our booth at the 2019 Out Raleigh festival



1 *Theme song on “Cheers”, the long running 80’s sitcom.