Take Up Your Cross – Sept. 3, 2017

Melissa preaches on Sunday, April 9, 2017Melissa spoke today from Matthew 16:21-28 and Romans 12:9-21.  In the Roman empire, the cross was the public warning against dissent. A symbol of the human ability to crush revolution. Today, the cross of Jesus Christ is the black hood of Abu Ghraib, it’s the gun that killed Trayvon Martin, it’s every lethal cocktail used in capital punishment, it’s every lynching tree in the North Carolina woods, it is every cage for bail-held prisoners.

We don’t need icons of paint or wood; we don’t need depictions of Jesus on a cross.  We have one another. We have living icons. Bodies shouldering crosses everyday, showing us that we are strong enough, that the world cannot crush us,  and even if it does, that we will rise again.

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